Apple News plug-in for WordPress updated to fix bugs, improve post conversions – Talking New Media

The WordPress plug-in for Apple News received an update this weekend, one that includes a long list of bug fixes and adjustments to insure better translation of posts to the Apple app.

Over time, the developers have been able to cut down on the number of error messages one receives after posting a story, but they certainly still exist. In the end, however, one simply needs to decide whether the?accuracy of layouts are more important online or in the app, a decision that should be rather easy as monetizing Apple News continues to be a challenge.

Here is the update information:


  • WP Standards: Ensured all instances of in_array use the strict parameter
  • WP Standards: Replaced all remaining instances of == with ===
  • WP Standards: Replaced all remaining instances of != with !==
  • WP Standards: Ensured all calls to wp_die with translated strings were escaped
  • WP Standards: Added escaping in a few additional places
  • WP Standards: Replaced all remaining instances of json_encode with wp_json_encode
  • Bugfix: Root-relative URLs for images, audio, and video are now supported
  • Bugfix: Images, audio, and video with blank or invalid URLs are no longer included, avoiding an error with the API
  • Bugfix: Image blocks with multiple src attributes (e.g., when using a lazyload plugin with a raw tag in the block) are now intelligently probed

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